Sunday, June 11, 2017

Levelling Up: Canadian Book Challenge theme!

What is this logo all about? This year's theme! 

This year we're going to be all about the road trip, crossing Canada in our literature and in the levels you'll reach as you read. As you read this year, you'll advance along a series of highways - representing most of the provinces and territories of Canada, and ending up with our longest road, the TransCanada Highway.

Here's a little bit about each one:

1 -Alert to Alert Airport Road

2 -Charlottetown Perimeter Highway 

3 - Cabot Trail 

4 - Icefields Parkway

5 - Klondike Highway

6 - ALCAN (Alaska-Canadian) Highway

7 - Coquihalla Highway 

8 - Dempster Highway 

 9 - James Bay Road

10 - Queen Elizabeth Way 

11 - Trans-Labrador Highway 

12 - CanAm Highway

I hope you'll decide to sign up for the Challenge and read your way across Canada with us!


  1. This is a very cleverly designed reading challenge, Melwyk! I've learned about many books by Canadian authors on your blog. I hope to read some of them, eventually.

    1. Hope so too! There are so many great Canadian authors.

  2. Ha ha - the Charlottetown Perimeter Highway! I laugh because I can see it from my kitchen window,

    Great idea for the Canada Reading Challenge!

    1. heehee! I tried to rank them in order of length, well, approximately anyhow. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Replies
    1. Well, I'm hoping it will be fun :)

  4. What an awesome challenge. I'd have to pull up a map to be able to do this one :) Have a great time.

    1. You could join in with any Canadian reading that's handy and read your way across our roads and highways too :) Map optional though very entertaining as well.


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